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Time & motivation

I am still struggling with my mental health, though it is getting better slowly. I’m getting a bit more motivated and I’ve been some work for Isla Instruments, which is a refreshing change.

I’ve had an idea for another synth, curse my head, so I’ve jotted it down and put it in the “laterbase”.
My current plan is to get the Synth Voice module I designed completed and running (I have PCBs), work on the Isla Instruments project (which will be on going) and do some bits on Epsilon when I get stuck with that and need to free my mind up a little.

I’ve put a self imposed ban on buying new PCBs and Parts until I finish something. My current “on the go” project list looks like this;

  • Epsilon (analogue poly synth), I have the panel PCB mostly up and voice PCBs not yet built probably about 10% complete.
  • Delta (Hybrid poly synth) I’ve restarted this as the FPGA thing wasn’t working, so about 5% complete.
  • Modular Synth Voice (for MU synths), 2nd revision PCB is with me, I just need to build/test it, so 90% complete
  • Zeta (complex poly), I’ve got a prototype PCB, but haven’t done anything with it, so maybe 1%
  • PJ5 CPU (TTL CPU), I doubt this will ever be complete, but the main core is done and I’m working on the display, so let’s say 60%.
  • PDP11 Hack (A DCJ11 chip based bare bones computer), the main CPU board is up and the ROM/RAM/Text display PCB is in the house
  • Isla Instruments project, probably about 10%, I’ve got the basics going but it has a long way to go.

There is also something else going on in the background which is distracting me and causing me some stress. But that will resolve itself by the end of December one way or another.

What I want to know is how on earth do people, firstly retain the motivation to work on projects and secondly just focus on one thing? I suspect I have ADHD, though not diagnosed formally, as my entire life is like this, lots of ideas, lots of things started, very little finished. It gets frustrating and soul destroying and yet I can’t seem to get control of it.

So I’ve decided, no more new PCBs/Projects until I finish at least 2 of the above, although I can still write down ideas. So it’s going to be a challenging time for me, but I’m hoping this approach will help me focus.

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