Mojo and Epsilon

Things have been really bad for my mental health over the last month or so, to the point I even had to take some time off work because I can barely function. Some function is returning, but my mood is still very very low, and it’s exhausting.

I have been working on Fusion 360 to figure out how to make sheet metal and how to make a case for Epsilon, so after some work here are some pictures.

This picture shows the underside of the PCB assembly, showing 10 voice cards and one effects module. I’m glad I put these PCBs all together in Fusion before ordering them because a couple of the mounting holes on one needed moving slightly!

Epsilon underside showing voice cards and effects card

next one shows the front of the PCB along with all the knobs and switches

Front of Epsilon.

Next I added the front panel (1.5mm thick black aluminium), I imported a DXF of the panel I designed and lined it up, again, I’m glad I did this first as it seems a couple of holes didn’t line up with the knobs! It took a while to get the audio out and MIDI sockets lined up, but they work great when you do figure it out 🙂

Front panel for Epsilon

Finally I added the lower case and the side pieces, which I currently plan to make out of anodised aluminium, but time will tell how feasible that is. You can’t see it, but I even managed to add tapped holes to the side parts allowing them to be bolted to the bottom plate.

Overall I’m really pleased, the next part is to figure out how to add silkscreen text. Then see if I can find someone who can make it. Delta will use a lot of the same things, end pieces (different colour) and the lower panel, plus of course the experience I’ve gained in doing this.

My next steps are to order the voice & effect holder board, and then assemble the existing voice card modules I have (I’ll build one, debug it, then build a few more). once those are working I’ll look to order a case.

With my mental health being the way it is, I’ve got no timelines for this, though I would really like to show it at Synth DIY UK 2024

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