Well, the new version of the DCJ-11 board worked!!!

Here you can see some output from the ODT console (this is me typing “R0/” and it returning the value in octal for that register).

you can also inspect the memory, but as it has no RAM yet you get gibberish back.

Here is the assembled board;

DCJ11 Eurocard format PCB

And here is a picture of it all “lit up”, the two buttons are “reset” and “halt”, both with built in LEDs.

And finally with it mated to, and powered from, the back plane board

It’s currently running with an 8MHz crystal in, and in all honesty for what I’m likely to do with it, that’s more than fast enough.

The next steps for me are to build a memory board (probably something like 128KByte of ROM and 1MByte of RAM) which I will put some TIL311 style displays on so you can see the address and data in octal.
Then I would like to make a display board, something simple, like a 16 by 16 array of LEDs so I can do things like game of life, perhaps also some alphanumeric displays, much like I did with PJ5.

Anyway, for now, I’m super ecstatic this worked!

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